He is currently the Head Coach at Leicester Tigers

## ## Matt O’Connor latest news

is an Australian professional rugby union coach and a former international player. He is currently the Head Coach at Leicester Tigers. O’Connor has held head coaching positions with the Queensland Reds, at Irish province Leinster where he won the Pro12 in 2013 14, and in a previous stint with Leicester where he won the Premiership in 2013.We have to be singing off the same hymn sheet, says Leicester Tigers head coach Geordan MurphyLeicester TigersIt is about getting it right and moving forward Tigers’ boss’Will the real Leicester Tigers turn up at Twickenham?’ Ian Cockerill’s views ahead of Harlequins clashLeicester Tigers’Leicester’s focus has to be, even at this early stage, avoiding relegation’Where Leicester Tigers must improve and positives to build on ahead of 2019 20 seasonLeicester TigersTigers will be desperate to put their 11th placed Gallagher Premiership finish behind themWhy Geordan Murphy believes he is a better coach after Leicester Tigers’ season of strifeLeicester TigersI’ve learned things and I will be better for that next season Tigers boss5 players Leicester Tigers are being linked with and whether the deals make senseLeicester TigersIt’s that time of year when the rumour mill goes into overdriveGeordan Murphy confirmed as new Leicester Tigers head coachLeicester TigersHe’s been interim head coach for three monthsWe have to be adaptable, says Leicester Tigers forward David DentonFordTigers flanker says there is more than one way to win a game of rugbyTom Youngs says Leicester Tigers will move on quickly after a turbulent week at Welford RoadLeicester TigersWe are used to parking matters quickly in professional sport Tigers captainFive players set to make Gallagher Premiership debuts for Leicester Tigers against Exeter ChiefsLeicester Tigers

In order to build a relationship that will lead to

Maybe email marketing is to blame

But I’m sure you have no idea how much power it has over our precious money importantly us!

However each of us should invest into reading more about it! I’m sure that everyone of you has a mailbox full of these kind of emails. Exploding maybe!

## ## It’s the tool that drags you to spending more and more Money online or at store without noticing it! Simply. It’s the reason that all of us become broke at the end of each month!

How many times have you received a notification email with a title of :

20% on new collection/Welcome! Were excited you joined us! /VIP Customers treat / check what you could win!/ Receipt of congrats on buying X product

Any thing familiar came to your mind yet?

Well check these pictures, Which I have quickly got out of my personal mailbox and I’m sure a bell will ring!

Email marketing is a smart method of direct marketing, which organisations tend to use as a powerful mean of communication with their customers digitally; as a promotional activity (Ratcliff, 2014). In order to build a relationship that will lead to also customer response. Its been estimated that 42% of users check e mails even while they are on holiday, and 53% check emails constantly throughout the day (Brassington, et al. 2013). According to Hosea the possibility of fostering a one one relationship with a consumer is very powerful and attractive to the marketer (Hosea, 2011). Also Communication and consumer behaviour theory have stated that when consumers have a preference of a brand theirs more keen and will of wanting to receive information on it.

2) Information that would be of interest to the customer from studying his behaviour through purchasing, clicking etc.

3) Invitation to click through to a website to check (new updates, offers)

1st purchase trigger many things. Yes, unfortunately it’s not just that cool piece of shirt of lovely perfume. It’s much more than that!

Data collection these days is crazy!

Its not just your name. Tracking your store purchase behaviour oh no! Its getting too Deep with all this technology! Be sure of that!

As soon as you write down your email. Take your receipt and you leave the store.

So eventually its not just to welcome you or inform you on new collections or offers. Theirs extremely no full stop to this. It’s a sequence of infinite reasons which I will clarify to all of you readers by showing you examples of other companies email strategies.

It really depends on how smart the company is to drag your attention. By their cute designs. Catchy titles and a lot of this “%”all around the mail page!

How do these emails really benefit Organizations?

From these emails many acts by the consumer are applied for example purchases, which will show the company what your interests are in order from them to update you with similar products, or send you reminders of forgotten products that were placed in a bag but not purchased (Brassington, et al. 2013).

Any response that you preform will be studied carefully by the company to discover the right approach that must be taken in order to attract you into opening the email then website=buying product!

This kind of analysis performed by the company is the study of consumer behaviour which was defined as” Consumer behaviour is the study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use or dispose of products, services, ideas or experiences to satisfy needs and desires.” (Solomon, Bamossy et al, 2006)

From this strategy they gain customer loyalty, which drags us into buying from them.

What are the tactics used upon us to make us fall in their trap?

1) Personalised emails to make us feel special

2) Use right timings ex) Experian marketing services stated that 8pm midnight is the best timing for customers to open emails + weekends. (Lee, 2013)

3) Transactional emails congratulating us to make us feel excited to receive the product and important.

4) Update us on products similar to previous purchases such as Amazon and many other companies.

5) Send offers and events such us (summer, Christmas, Valentines Day, Boxing Day)

6) Some use faces of celebrity’s faces to attract your attention

7) Send emails on a regular bases Where it was stated that “Repeated exposure potentially enhances brand attitudes by allowing the customer to process more information” (Berger and Mitchell 1989).

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